Building community through the arts.
                                                 Building the arts through the community.

Building the community through the arts. Building the arts through the community.
About Shaker Arts Council ( SHAC)

Mission Statement

SHAC is a volunteer nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich the cultural fabric of Shaker Heights by establishing the arts as a vibrant and integral part of the community.  Our purpose is best described as "building the community through the arts and building the arts through the community."


The inspiration for what was to become the Shaker Arts Council was a discussion in  2002 among Mayor Judy Rawson, staff, and City Council members Jan Devereaux and Brian Parker. They were looking at ways to involve citizens in creating citywide events which would bring Shaker residents out of their homes to avail themselves of the services Shaker has to offer. Community activists Jan Thrope and Bettyanne Green were brought in to discuss planning some public cultural events, which spurred brainstorming about a citizen-directed effort to coordinate the arts and culture resources which exist in Shaker Heights.

Shaker Arts Council offers a range of opportunities to artists and art lovers to get involved in your own backyard – window displays, performance events, rotating art exhibit, advocacy for the arts in the region, resource directory and networking events.  

Shaker Arts Council is funded primarily by private donors, local grants and corporate sponsorships
.     Click here to see a list of Charter Members of SHAC.

  Board of Directors

  Liz Schorgl
, President

  Sally Levine,
  Second Vice President
  Jeff Posner, Third Vice President  
  Marcia Romano, Treasurer

Gwen Chapman
  Kevin Crowe
  Denise Dixon
  Caydie Heller
  Peter Lawson Jones
  Celeste Martin
  Joe Romano
  Rick Santich
  Jim Simler
  Quata Tucker

  Ex officio: Marge Zellmer  

  Betty Anne Green,  Founding Director


For Board Members: Click here to access Board reports. (password protected)


SHAMF Sponsorship
Peter Lawson Jones, Chair

Kevin Crowe, Chair

Concert with a Cause
Gwen Chapman, Chair

Rick Santich, Chair

Hard Hat Boutique

Celeste Martin, Chair

Shaker Heights Art and Music Festival

Quata Tucker, Chair
Vicki Blank, City Liaison

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